Before you book


Certain health conditions, medications or cosmetic procedures may prevent or restrict certain treatments,  and may require a letter from your GP, to avoid disappointment please carefully read through the following list to see if any apply to you, if you are unsure or would like some more advice please contact me before booking.


Have you had any recent surgeries, HIV/AIDS, Epilepsy, Lupus, Hepatitis, Cancer, Undiagnosed lumps, Receiving Chemotherapy/Radiation, Diabetes, Herpes, Autoimmune disease, Blood disorder, Thrombosis, Haemophilia, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Metal implants/pins/plates, Dental Fillings, Loose teeth, Heart conditions, Strokes, Pacemaker, High or low blood pressure, Dizziness or fainting episodes, Migraines, Sinus issues, Anxiety, Stress, Claustrophobia, Skin disease, Warts, Poor skin healing, Keloids, Scar tissue, Loose papery skin, Skintags, Shingles, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Swelling, Prone to bruising, Arthritis,  Hormonal irregularities, Pregnant/planning to be, Breastfeeding, Birth control, Contact lenses, Dysfunction of nervous system, Muscular disorders


If you have had in the past 2-4 weeks 

Filler, Botox, Chemical peel, Laser, Microdermabrasion, Semi permanent make up, Micronneedling etc


Preparing for you treatment


In the weeks/days running up to your appointment you should treat you skin with care, this includes stopping or limiting the use of at home skincare products such as Retinol and Acids, whilst these products are great, they can sensitise, thin and compromise your skin which may prevent your chosen treatment being safely carried out or giving you the best results.

It is preferable if you are able to arrive without make-up where possible.

If you are wearing fake tan, it is likely that certain treatments will fade it on the arears treated, for treatments that include the use of needles such as Mesotherapy/Microneedling it is advised to wait until the fake tan has faded.


For your comfort, wearing loose fitting clothing is advised, treatments may require access to your neck and décolleté/chest, so try to opt for something that is easily lowered or removed, a towel will be provided for your modesty. 

Eyelash Extensions/contact leanses

If you are wearing eyelash extensions we will do our best to avoid your eye are, it may restrict certain element's of your treatment such as steam as this may weaken the glue, though it is rare we take no responsibility for any problems with your lashes following your treatment.

If you are a contact lense wearer please where possible arrive without them. you must advise us before the start of your treatment if you are wearing them.

Following your treatment

At the end of your treatment you will be given aftercare advise verbal/written, this will explain how to take care of your skin following treatment and what you should avoid doing, as well as any minor side effects and how to deal with them.

If you have any adverse side effects that are not considered normal you must contact a medical practitioner immediately and update us so we are able to keep this on your record for future treatments.

Booking policy

Please note that once you have booked an appointment with EnviSkin it means we have reserved that time exclusively for you,
All appointments require a Non refundable booking fee to reserve your appointment slot.
Unable to make you appointment? No problem, you can reschedule to another day and time at no extra cost and your booking fee will be carried over.
To avoid losing your booking fee If you are unable to make your appointment you are kindly asked that you inform us at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled visit, this allows us time to fill your space.
Failure give us 48 hours notice will result in losing your booking fee and a new booking fee will be required before you are able to book another appointment.
No shows will be charged 100% of their unattended treatment cost, and may be required to make payment up front for any future treatments.
Please arrive to your appointment on time and wait in the seating area,
If you are running late you must notify us immediately and keep us informed, if you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment it may result in us being unable to carry out your treatment or it being modified to fit the remaining time available at the full original cost with payment being made before the treatment is carried out.

You must arrive for your appointment alone, children, pets, friends etc are not allowed in the treatment room with you, unless they are a carer/guardian. This is for the comfort and safety for all.
You are required to inform us of any changes that may effect your treatments. if you have any changes in circumstances or health conditions that may prevent you treatment being carried out please bring a letter from your GP with you, if you are unsure please contact us before booking to so we can discuss how to best take care of you safely.

We have the right to refuse service to anyone behaving inappropriately, intoxicated or if their state of health may influence the effect of the treatment